Restaurant Soup

Tom Yum

Thai Traditional spicy and sour soup flavoured with lemon grass, fresh tomato, kaffir lime leaves, galangal and straw mushroom.

Tom Kha (v,g)

Thai traditional spicy & sour soup in coconut milk, galangal , lemon grass, chilli and straw mushroom

Wonton Soup

Thai clear soup with bok choy and home made steamed wonton stuff with  chicken mince and finished with dry garlic oil

Rice Noodle Soup (v,g)

Thai clear soup with rice noodle and mixed vegetables finished with dry garlic oil

Curry laksa (g)

Thai red curry laksa with a choic of egg noodle or rice noodle, broccoli, cauliflower and finished of with dry shallots, onion and spring onion.

 Vegetable Soup (v,g)

Mixed vegetables in clear soup.

Gang Som (g)

Orange sour light curry with mixed vegetables

Sweet Corn soup(g)

  • Vegetable or Mushroom

    • Entree $10
    • Main $13
    • Hot Pot $19
  • Chicken/Pork/Beef

    • Entree $12
    • Main $15
    • Hot Pot $25
  • Prawn or Fish (import)

    • Entree $13
    • Main $16
    • Hot Pot $26
  • Mixed Seafood

    • Entree $14
    • Main $17
    • Hot Pot $28