Restaurant Set Menu


  • Chicken sweet corn soup
  • Vegetable wonton soup
  • Tom yum chicken

Entree (mixed entree only)

Vegetarian spring roll, beef spring roll, vegetarian fried wonton and fried chicken wing


  1. Curry – a choice of curry with chicken or beef or pork
  2. Stir fry – a choice of stir fry dish with seafood or prawn or duck
  3. Yum or Larb – a choice of yum or larb dish with chicken or beef or pork
  4. 4 Stir fry mixed vegetable or kang kung (pakboong)
  5. A choice of steamed rice or fried rice or pad thai or fried egg noodle


  1. Black sticky rice in coconut milk
  2. Banana Fruiter with ice cream
  3. Banana in coconut milk
  4. Ice cream with lychee
  • Minimum 4 people

    • per person $38