Restaurant Fish Dishes

  • Pla Nerng Manao

    • Check our available fish daily $Market price

    Steamed whole fish topped with fresh salary slices, fresh lemon slices, chilli and lemon dressing. 

  • Pla Rad Prik (3 Flavoured Fish)

    • $25

    Deep fried barramundi fillets and topped with homeade three flavour sauce with a dash of chilli, Coriander and slice of chilli (whole fish is also available for this menu)

  • Pla Topd Grob (Garlic and pepper fish)

    • $25

    Deep Fly Barramunid Fillets and topped with dry garlic oil and pepper (whole fish is also available for this menu)

  • Hor Mok Pla

    • $26

    Steamed Barramundi fillet with homeade Thai curry mousse in banana leaf bowl toped with a dash of coconut milk, kaffir leaves and fresh chilli sliced